Get Ready For Order A Regulation &: Chicago Fire, Svu And Detroit P.d. Three-way Crossover!

NBC is staging a three-way crossover for  Law & Order: SVU ,  Chicago Fire  and  Chicago P.D., has learned.  The episodes, to air November 11 and November 12, will begin with an incident on Chicago Fire (Tuesday, 10/9c) that then teams the P.D. squad to the New York City-based SVU investigators the following night (9/8c). Then, the SVU team travels to Chicago for the final hour of the event at 10/9c.

Derek Jeter Goes Out on Top In His Final MLB Game

Derek Jeter ended his professional baseball career on a high note, leading his Yankees to a victory in his final MLB game. Playing against their biggest rival, the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees won 9-5 with Jeter hitting his 3,465th base hit — the most in the franchise’s history — and earning his 1,311th RBI. After an emotional farewell in New York last week, the 40-year-old shortstop was on the lineup for his final game as a designated hitter. After he reached base on a single, he was replaced by pinch runner Brian McCann. Jeter hugged the Red Sox pitcher and then tipped his helmet to his Yankees crowd before going back into the dugout.

What Did the Native Americans Involved in the Daily Show’s Redskins Segment Say About It?

With Abbie stuck in Purgatory and Moloch attempting to open the gate to our world, Ichabod and Abbie had their hands full in last week’s  Sleepy Hollow p remiere. But now that the dust has settled (as much as it can during the end of days), it’s about time we check in Irving!

Which Character Died on The Simpsons Premiere?

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of Ray Donovan. Read at your own risk.] Some people just don’t know when to quit. On the Season 2 finale of  Ray Donovan …

Exclusive Ray Donovan Finale Postmortem: The Show’s Latest Victim Speaks

After a woman in last week’s controversial  Daily Show  segment about the Washington Redskins shared her awful experience, another participant — this time from the Native American side — is speaking out about his involvement. The segment featured correspondent Jason Jones interviewing Native American activists and Washington Redskins fans separately about the criticism over the team’s name.  When one Redskins fan suggested “we need to be sitting down with the people that actually are offended,” Jones brought in the group of activists.

Where’s Irving?! Find Out in This Exclusive Sleepy Hollow Sneak Peek

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the The Simpsons premiere. Read at your own risk.] The Simpsons  has killed off a Springfield resident.

Ask Matt: Good Wife, Parenthood, Gotham, Murder, Castle, Scorpion, Forever and More

Once Upon a Time: Is Emma a Match for Elsa? Jennifer Morrison Weighs In

Storybrooke’s so-called savior needs a little work.  On Sunday’s Season 4 premiere of  Once Upon a Time , town sheriff Emma ( Jennifer Morrison ) couldn’t quite keep order when  Frozen ‘s ice queen Elsa ( Georgina Haig ) hit Storybrooke and unleashed one of her angst-driven snow monsters upon the unsuspecting populace. Unfortunately, Emma’s attempts to tap into her own magical powers didn’t even leave a dent in the chilly creature.

NCIS: Los Angeles Promises More Action and Romance in Season 6

LL Cool J may have participated in CBS’s salute to the ­Beatles earlier this year, but he certainly won’t be ­singing “We all live in a yellow submarine” when his Sam and Chris O’Donnell ‘s Callen find themselves trapped in a ­hostile submersible as NCIS: Los Angeles opens its sixth ­season. Last May’s cliffhanger found the partners taking an…

Islamo- Asian Conspiracy Goes Mainstream

Texas Lt. Gov embraces conspiracy theory of ISIS infiltration on the Mexican border over supposed ‘Muslim prayer rugs’ that was actually an Adidas shirt.

Not All Equal

If your Yankees-hating or Jeter-skepticism overwhelms your ability to appreciate Jeter’s game-winning, opposite-field, walk-off single in his final home game last night, you might consider re-examining your soul. Sit back and watch this and allow yourself to be swept up in the moment. Come on. It’s good for you.

Pennsylvania Attorney General decides to hold an impromptu press review of the hardcore porn emails they found in the Governor’s staff’s inboxes while they were investigating the Jerry Sandusky case.–5


“One or two morons who apparently have access to the Internet”?–2

Good Times

Sea level rise is only one effect of climate warming. But it’s one of the most linear and easiest to grasp. On Conrad Hackett’s Twitter feed (a must follow, imo) I saw this study which was produced by Climate Central and then visualized by The Upshot . The upshot is that when it comes to the direct effects of rising sea levels – submersion and regular flooding – all countries are not equal. The impact is heavily weighted toward East and especially Southeast Asia.

Love This

Winning : “Devin James was hired to represent the city of Ferguson and help officials rebuild the city’s image, but he was fired after officials say they learned he was a convicted killer.”–13

30 Steelis Cheyenne Jackson Is Committed!

Cheyenne Jackson  and Jason Landau were married over the weekend in a star-studded outdoor ceremony,  People  reports.

Lauren Conrad Marries William Tell

Lauren Conrad  and her boyfriend William Tell were married in an intimate ceremony over the weekend,  Us Weekly reports .

Is Beyoncé Pregnant Again? Consider the Evidence

There may be another royal baby on the way. No, we’re not talking about the news that  Prince William  and  Kate Middleton  are  expecting their second child . We’re referring to America’s royal couple,  Beyonce  and  Jay Z , who may also have some pregnancy news.

Ben McKenzie Suffers Head Injury on the Set of Gotham

“Holy concrete wall, Batman!” That was actor  Ben McKenzie ‘s good-natured response after he sustained a nasty gash on his head while filming  Gotham . McKenzie, who plays young Det. Gordon in Fox’s upcoming Batman origin story, was injured on the show’s set Friday (his birthday) while he was shooting a fight sequence.

Viola Davis: Most Roles Offered to Black Actresses are “Mammy-ish”

Viola Davis  says she’s tired of being offered roles that she describes as “downtrodden” or “mammy-ish.”

Pictures From Nasa

Over the past few decades, average global temperatures have been on the rise, and this warming is happening two to three times faster in the Arctic. As the region’s summer comes to a close, NASA is hard at work studying how rising temperatures are affecting the Arctic. The Arctic Radiation – IceBridge Sea and Ice Experiment, or ARISE, is a new NASA airborne campaign to collect data on thinning sea ice and measure cloud and atmospheric properties in the Arctic. The campaign was designed to address questions about the relationship between retreating sea ice and the Arctic climate. (Chris Larsen, University of Alaska-Fairbanks) # 4 At about 10:45 p.m.

4. About 370 Ukrainian refugees will stay at this temporary camp while being processed by the Russian authorities, local media reported. (Ilya Naymushin/Reuters) # 25 An office worker looks over at a man sleeping inside the container he uses to collect cardboard for recycling, at the financial district in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The collapse of talks with US creditors sent Argentina into its second debt default in 13 years and raised questions about what comes next for financial markets and the South American nation’s staggering economy. (Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press) # 26 Passengers sleep on a train bound for northeastern province of Ubon Ratchathani at Hua Lampong railway station in Bangkok on Aug.

Deadly flooding in India and Pakistan

9. Bewildered families, nursing children and clutching meagre belongings, packed into makeshift relief centers after fleeing floods in India and Pakistan that have now claimed more than 400 lives. (PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty Images) # 15 Tourists wait to be evacuated by Indian Air Force helicopters during rescue and relief operations following flooding in Srinagar on Sept. 10. Anger mounted September 10 over the slow pace of rescue operations in Indian Kashmir as authorities said they were “overwhelmed” by the scale of deadly flooding that has left hundreds of thousands of people stranded.

Volcanic activity

Residents were advised to stay away at least four kilometers from the 3,436 meters high volcano. (EPA) # 16 Mount Sinabung volcano seen as smoke and ash fill the air, in the Karo district of Sumatra island on Aug.

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Been meaning to find out image associated for a long time

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June 16-17: A Food Styling And Photography Course In Brooklyn With Sunday Suppers

[One cute and accomplished Swedish student previously covers it on her behalf tasty website, Dagmar's Home ]. I required Lulu for an overnight stay in a yurt near where my parents stay. I am continuing to get ready another food styling and photography class in Britain at the conclusion of June (it is sold-out), and I am also taking care of one in Sicily in Oct (you can find only a few areas left really, if you have an interest, deliver a request to; Case Vecchie is really a lovely undoubtedly Sicilian home; this is what we did this past year –I cannot wait to view Gino again!) I keep performing an amount of photo shoots with clients–and that is outdated and fresh I’m loving them. I celebrated my birthday. My birthday cake was about chocolate.

Cost is $750, and includes two breakfasts and two lunches.

Food Design and Photography Course in Baja California, Mexico

Looking an extremely happy birthday to P., my love, along with the greatest supporter of might work.

In May we enjoy

Expect You’ll see-the biggest cactus woods actually! In case you are thinking about researching photography and food design while spending some time researching the food of Mexico this can be your opportunity. SLR is needed with knowledge of fundamental components of photography such as aperture, coverage, shutterspeed. Tripod as well as a computer with photo-imaging software are a plus. The 3 1/2 evening workshop includes: • 6 nights* (based on distributed occupancy) = 4 nights in Cabo San Lucas + 2 days in Todos Santos • 6 breakfasts • 4 meals Liquids + appetizers throughout the course. Airport transport to and from San Jose del Airport Terminal – and throughout the class.

Confused About Commercial Property? Follow These Tips And Suggestions!

There are numerous people that have comprehended success with industrial home. There is no magic to it. You need expert landlords insurance information, a good work ethic, and expertise in the business. This article features some hints to enable you to start your adventure in real-estate.

Whether you’re selling industrial real estate, don’t shy away from compare liability insurance for landlords quotes negotiation.Be observed therefore you can get a good price on the house you are dealing with.

Shoot photos of the device. Be sure you have any and all flaws present on the pictures you take (things like holes, discoloration, and broken or filthy carpets.

You’ll probably need to put lots of effort into your investing initially. It may take a little time to find a property worth buying, in addition time to perform any repairs and changes which are wanted. Do not throw in the towel because the process that gobbles up substantial portions of your time. The benefits you see will reveal themselves afterwards.

Do not jump into any investment too fast! You may soon regret it when the house isn’t suitable for you. It could take as much as a year for the right investment in your market.

If you are trying to pick between two desired commercial purchases, recall that size matters. Generally, it is like purchasing in mass; the more you buy, you will find yourself getting a much better cost per unit.

A wide variety of different standards need concern as a way to raise or decrease your lot actually is.

Keep your rental business property occupied to pay the bills between tenants. In case you have a lot more than one empty property, consider why that’s, and look at ways of enticing tenants back in.

To make sure that you’re doing business with the most appropriate property broker, inquire what investors consider as profitable or failing. Ask private investors how they quantify their results are quantified. Remember to understand their methods and techniques. You have to share precisely the same strategies and beliefs as your real-estate agent if you’re okay with their company practices.

Discover especially how a property agent conducts negotiations. Ask about their training and expertise they have. Also make sure they are ethical procedures while searching for that optimal bargain.

Assess all disclosures a prospective real estate agent offers you carefully. Remember that dual agency could happen. This indicates the agency works for the tenant and the tenant. Double bureaus require full disclosure and must be agreed-upon by both parties should agree to it.

There are a number of kinds of real estate brokers who deal only with commercial investments. For instance, some agents represent landlords along with renters, while other agents simply symbolize tenants.

Attempt to carefully restrict the scenarios which are specified as occasion of defaults before negotiating a lease. This lowers the chance that the person renting will default on the lease. You want to ensure this to occur.

Consider the tax benefits if you are thinking about purchasing commercial property investment. Investors normally receive interest deductions and depreciation benefits. There is a chance an investor might receive money that should be taxed, which is taxed by the government while maybe not acquired by the investor as cash. You will need to keep this income before you make a investment.

Borrowers need to purchase assessments with commercial loans. The bank won’t let your use it afterwards. Order the appraisal yourself to ensure that you will be entitled to business loans.

In case you have only begun investing, focus on just one category of investments. It is far better to control one location of the industrial real estate marketplace than begin with several where you may not do as well.

You should advertise your business property as being for sale to both locally and non-local people. Many sellers erroneously presume their property is interesting to local buyers. Many private traders have an interest in cheap or inexpensive properties outside their immediate community if the price is right.

Should you be checking out more than one house, make a check list for touring sites. Accept replies to the initial proposals, but remember to advise the property owners directly if you decide to go further in your inquiries.Do not be frightened to let it slip to the possessors that there are other attributes that you will be considering. This may ensure that you with more room for negotiation.

When you realize the very best ways to approach commercial real estate investment, your odds of success are enormously increased. Bear in mind the advice you have merely read, and utilize it in your company. Make sure you continue to find compare holiday rental insurance out about the industry, and look for ways to enhance what you are doing. As you get more knowledgeable, you are likely going to find success soon following.